What does COIN cost?

We value transparency not only in where your money goes, but also in how much you pay to invest it.


Annual fee


Minimum balance

In other words...

Invest $, and COIN will only cost you $2.25 per year.

What’s included?

  • $0 trading fees
  • Direct stock ownership

    of high impact companies.

  • Investable Impact Areas

    expertly crafted for impact in the areas you care about most.

  • Custom dashboard

    where you can see your financial returns, account information, and the Impact Areas you’re invested in.

  • $0 transfer fees
  • Automatic quarterly rebalancing

    to make sure your money remains aligned to the Impact Areas you chose.

  • Easily withdraw money

    whenever you want, without penalty.

  • Quality advice

    because we're held accountable as a fiduciary to have your best interests in mind.