Supercharge Your Impact by Investing Consciously to Support the Sustainable Development Goals

August 27, 2019

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are the main inspiration behind our conscious investment platform, and we designed our portfolios around 8 Impact Areas that align with them.

Back in 2015, the UN outlined a sustainable development plan that would create a better world for people and the planet. The plan contained 17 Sustainable Development Goals, better known as the SDGs, covering issues like Better Health, Clean Water, Climate Action, and Gender Equality, to name just a few. Every single member nation signed on, committing to make the SDGs a reality in building a sustainable future for everyone.

There’s been a lot of activity around the SDGs in the years since, with governments and companies working together to get both their day-to-day practices and long-term strategies in line with the goals. Companies like CVS, Microsoft, and Pepsi, for example, have emerged as leaders in integrating the SDGs into their company values and operations, and by doing so, they’ve showed other companies how they can do the same. And by being proactive toward the SDGs, companies have shown that doing business sustainably can also be good for the bottom line.

How can investors get involved? Well, when investors decide to invest consciously, they want to align their money with their values, and seek out companies that are working to make a significant positive impact for their investment dollars. This means companies committed to the SDGs and leading the way in sustainability will get investments. On the flip side, conscious investors won’t invest in the companies that aren’t working for sustainable change, or in those that are just fine with the status quo. When more and more people start investing this way, it sends a powerful message to corporate executives, government leaders, and policy makers: Sustainability is the way of the future.

COIN Impact Areas and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Here at COIN, we wanted everyone to be able to invest in companies committed to making positive change in the causes they care about. So, we used the SDGs as the main inspiration behind our conscious investment platform and designed our portfolios around 8 Impact Areas that align with them. We identify companies that are making a significant difference in creating positive change aligned with the SDGs, and include those in our conscious investment portfolios. In doing so, we look for companies that have established clear, strong, and measurable impact goals; offer products and services that generate positive impact in an area; and have operational alignment with the goals of a particular Impact Area. At the same time, we exclude companies that violate the UN Global Compact, are involved in manufacturing tobacco or tobacco products, or are involved in controversial weapons, such as nuclear, biological, chemical, and cluster munitions.

Take a closer look at how COIN’s Impact Areas can help your investment dollars make a difference.

We’re really excited to see that there’s a summit focused on the SDGs at this year’s UN General Assembly. This is the first summit on the SDGs since they were adopted in September 2015. Member nations will be looking at achievements up to this point, plus ways to make progress toward the SDGs at an even faster pace. We’ll be keeping a close eye on new announcements coming out of this year’s summit and sharing the latest news. (If you’re not already following us on social, be sure to check out COIN on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

Sustainable business practices are good for people, the planet, and the bottom line. By making conscious investments aligned with the SDGs, you’ll ensure your investment dollars help to build a better world.