Who is COIN?

About us

Our vision is empowering you to make a difference with your money.

COIN is a platform that helps you invest in a custom mix of companies making an impact in the areas you care about most. Whether you’re passionate about climate action, gender equality or better health, we believe you should have the power to make a difference with your money.

Backed by John Hancock, we combine 150 years of investment expertise with our passion for maximizing positive impact. We are inspired by the United Nations Global Goals, and believe that when our values and finances align, the future we want becomes possible.

Person standing on a rock, looking at the sunset

Our values

  • Be inclusive

    Our offerings are intended for conscious investors, even those with no investment experience or knowledge. We believe everyone should be able to take control of their money and invest it, no matter how much.

  • Be transparent

    We are committed to being an open, trustworthy partner in your investment journey. We strive to make the financial landscape clear and simple, and to keep you in the know every step of the way.

  • Be impact-driven

    We are motivated by our values and the desire to make an impact in the areas you care about most. We are inspired by the Global Goals of the United Nations, which we believe have the potential to shape our future and change our world.