Your money can make an impact

From climate change to business ethics, COIN creates a custom investment portfolio containing companies making an impact in the areas that matter most to you.

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It all starts with your values

We help you invest your money in ways that align with your values in different Impact Areas.

Investments created just for you

We use our investment expertise to help you invest in the unique mix of companies that maximize your impact in the areas you care about. And along the way, we’ll provide insight, guidance, and transparency into the investment world.

Invest in tomorrow

Put your money to work on building the future you want to see.

What is COIN?

COIN was founded on the belief that you can grow your money while making an impact on the world. Today, we’re building products that provide unprecedented transparency into the conscious investing world. Backed by John Hancock, we believe that when our values and finances align, the future we want becomes possible.